Can’t Let Go of “The Big Bang Theory: Ways to Extend the Magic

How can it end? Why does this always happen to me? Okay, I'm having a meltdown about "The Big Bang Theory" ending, but there may be ways to extend the magic.
The Big Bang Theory

(Warning! There are some Spoilers in here for those who haven’t seen the last episodes.)

Like many of you, I’m in deep denial about “The Big Bang Theory” ending. I understand that the cast members want to move on with their lives and careers. However, it can be rough going for actors once their hit series ends, so I’m hoping some of them will be inclined to stick around. Of course, they’re all being paid enough so they don’t have to work again, but they’re all quite young and have a lot more talent to offer.

Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki will be fine. Jim has spent many a hiatus performing on Broadway and now he’ll have the clout (and time) to do any show he’d like, plus movies (he was believably unlikeable in “Hidden Figures”). I doubt he’d commit himself to another long-running TV series other than narrating “Young Sheldon” and producing (his series “Special” is now on Netflix). Johnny Galecki has shown he’s got more to offer than what we’ve seen in his two decades-plus TV career; I saw him play a gay prostitute in a hilarious Broadway play called “The Little Dog Laughed” and he was terrific. And of course, he’s back playing David on “The Connors”, so he certainly won’t disappear.

I would focus the spin-offs on the remaining actors: Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, Michelle Rauch, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, and Kevin Sussman, all incredibly talented and playing characters we love dearly. Why let them go?

Yes, spin-offs often don’t work. Think “Joey”, the spin-off from “Friends” that flopped spectacularly, along with “Flo” from “Alice”, “Gloria” from “All in the Family”, “Phyllis” from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, and let’s not even talk about “Joanie Loves Chachi”. However, there are some shining examples where it has worked including “Frasier”, “Maude”, and “Rhoda”. So, here we go:

Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler in "The Big Bang Theory"

Amy: I love Mayim Bialik so much but I’m not sure exactly how you’d extract Amy from Sheldon. Plus she’s a Nobel winner now. Perhaps with her newfound status, she could become President of another L.A.-area university and deal with eccentric colleagues and funny students? Alright, sounds lame already. Or started a school for female scientists? Is that sounding too “Facts of Life”? Or Ms. Bialik in a different series or even movies? I’d watch anything she was in. She could revive “Blossom” as a single mom. She does have her own website GrokNation and writes on a variety of subjects, so a talk show could be a possibility.

Raj and Howard: They’re already a duo, but I think they could support their own show, perhaps getting hired by another university or starting a whole new venture. Or it could be a solo show with Raj, starting over in a new environment like “Frasier”. He could move back to India with the laughs coming from his fish-out-of-water status after having lived in the U.S. for so long and from his crazy-making parents? Since he decided not to get married, he’s free to start a new life.

Kunal Nayyar as Raj in "The Big Bang Theory"

Stuart: Since he runs a comic book store, what if he became a superhero? But a D-list superhero with iffy powers such as one who produces a smell so foul it’ll subdue any super-villain? I think his dead-pan, insecure nature would work perfectly for this concept.

The Women: Finally, I propose having the women of “Big Bang” stay together in a new series I call “Origin of the Species”. I find that when Penny, Amy, and Bernadette are together, their dynamic is magic and I’d like to see that fully explored. We’d focus on their lives away from the men (who may make cameos) and place them in the same workplace to better facilitate their interaction. Amy could get recruited by a corporation as a neurobiologist and help the other two get jobs in sales. We could throw in Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert) occasionally for snarky commentary.

Melissa Rauch, Kaley Kuoco and Mayim Bialik in "The Big Bang Theory".

Of course, we could keep the whole gang intact and bring them back in a movie or revive the series after 10 years. Yes, yes. I’d love either or both options.

Okay, CBS and Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre. Get crackin’. We can’t let go of “The Big Bang Theory”.

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