Mayor Pete is Swishy Enough For Me!

Some recent rumblings from the ultra-left have complained that openly gay Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is not gay enough. Let's take this apart.
Pete Buttigieg

For those critics who think Pete Buttigieg is just another white dude, too straight-acting to have faced discrimination, who couldn’t possibly speak with authority about oppressed minorities, blah blah blah, I have to ask: Are you trippin’? I’m staring straight at you Christina Cauterucci of Slate.

Oh, I see. You want a stereotype. You want a sashaying drag queen with a Texas-sized bouffant or some Daisy Duke-wearing Twinkie gyrating at Pride. Someone so obviously queer they get spit at on the street. Yes, it would be great to have all types of queens run for President but for right now, we’ve got Pete.

Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Glezman at home.

The crazy-making part of this all is that we as LGBTQI people spend our lives thinking we have to act straight in order to survive. Unless you’re in a gay-friendly neighborhood, you worry someone will try to shame you, attack you or even kill you. We’re always aware that holding hands, sashaying or screaming “Whoop Whoop!” may put us in danger. So we police ourselves. That’s why we go wild when we feel we’re in a safe space.

The oppressive majority wants to sit back and laugh while minorities bicker and tear each other apart. Are we going to get lost in a contest about who’s more oppressed while the real villains use everything in their means including the media, violence, and laws against us? The only chance we have is to defy, to expose their crimes and to defeat them both in court and at the ballot box. Once that’s done, then we’ll have the luxury of squabbling amongst one another.

Of greatest importance is to find a great Democratic candidate and send them to the White House. There’s a huge field out there so we have the options and time to find the right one. But don’t be so shallow. Look deeper. To understand first-hand what it means to be a minority is important but it’s self-defeating to choose a candidate just because you think they look right and have the correct background. We have no time for purity right now. We cannot risk another term with the current Administration. Judge each Presidential candidate one-by-one while also working to pick diverse candidates for every level of government from local races to state to the Senate and House.

Pete Buttigieg speaking.

Pete will need to prove himself to the people. Right now there’s great interest due to the fact he has an amazing background, sounds credible, and is fresh and new. We’ll have to see if he can survive once the attack machines from both the other Democratic candidates and the Republicans are turned on him. He may turn out to be a terrible candidate or maybe he’ll soar.

Christina Cauterucci, you certainly have the right to express your opinion or to ask questions, but try to walk in our shoes for a minute before you speak. That’s what a good candidate does and that’s what we as human beings should aspire to do as well.

However, if you’re bent on finding a candidate who is queer enough, there is actually a drag queen to consider. Ambrosia Starling had the cojones to take on conservative extremist Roy Moore in Alabama and now may run for governor there, but why not President? Can I get an amen in here?

Drag queen Ambrosia Starling shaking things up in Alabama.
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