Boy George Not Taboo: Biopic Is Greenlit by MGM

I've read his autobiography, seen the musical "Taboo" and the TV movie "Worried About the Boy", so I will be first to line up for the musical biopic about Boy George.
Culture Club Colour By Numbers

Due to the big box office of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and critical acclaim for “Rocketman”, studios are undoubtedly all looking for the next big musical biopic. Deadline reports that MGM has greenlit a movie about Boy George. That will be three biopics about Queens in a row, hmmm. MGM is also working on a movie about the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin starring Jennifer Hudson, so that’ll be four.

This isn’t the first Boy George movie, however. In 2010, BBC produced “Worried About the Boy” with of all people, Richard Madden, playing an ex-lover named Kirk Brandon. Here’s an extended clip with Madden and Douglas Booth who plays Boy George.

And of course, before that, there was the musical “Taboo” which I saw on Broadway. Yes, the much-maligned Rosie O’Donnell produced show! It had originated in London and the original cast album composed mostly of new songs written by the Boy himself was one of the best things I’d ever heard (and still think so), so I was so looking forward to seeing those songs performed live. But alas, the production was a mishmash, and some of my favorite songs were truncated and basically thrown away. I’ll get into that in a future article. The lead Euan Morton, however, was spectacular and he’s still performing, most recently playing another George, this time King George III, in “Hamilton”.

Hopefully, they’ve learned why “Taboo” didn’t work and also will see fit to include some of the songs from the show they cut to ribbons. Mostly, “Taboo” failed to mine the juicy drama of Boy George’s life, from squatting waif to overnight superstar, then drug addict to survivor. He’s still a fixture on British TV, acting as a judge in their version of “The Voice”, and touring the world on the heels of a new album with Culture Club called “Life”.

Here’s a classic video of one of their classic songs, “Time (Clock of the Heart)”, reminding us why we fell in love with Boy George and the band in the first place.

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