5 Things to Gush About: July 1-7

B-52s Cosmic Thing 30th Anniversary

“Spider-Man: Far From Home”: Although I always complain about the fact that we do not need yet another Spider-Man reboot – and still go to see them anyhow – this last one had the perfect casting with Tom Holland. However, next time they reboot, they need to make him Miles Morales or another person of color or even a woman. Opens tomorrow!

“Divorce”: Season 3 of the Sarah Jessica-Parker starrer starts on Monday, July 1. A slow starter, Season 2 gelled all the elements, especially with the storyline about the reluctant artist Sarah pursues and puts on the map, just to watch her get stolen by another gallery owner. Great supporting cast with Thomas Haden Church, Molly Shannon, and Tracy Letts. Created by Sharon Hogan of “Catastrophe”.

The B-52s “Cosmic Thing” 30th Anniversary: I’ve been tin roof rusting for 30 years now! How’s that possible? In the videos, they look as fresh and wacky as ever while the songs still sound amazing. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, The B-52s are releasing an upgraded 2-CD version of “Cosmic Thing”, which was their biggest hit, with added remixes and live stuff. They need to do this with all of their albums, please. This was their first album after founding member Ricky Wilson (sister of Cindy) died. They soldiered on, employing some hot producers who polished up some of their best songs including of course “Love Shack”, “Dry County”, “Deadbeat Club”, “Follow Your Bliss” and “Roam”.

“Fleabag”: Late to catching up to this, but watching Season 1 and finding it a dark version of “Miranda” (lots of eyeing the camera plus she’s transgressive). Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a major talent. Hearing great things about Season 2:

Classic Pop Magazine: My favorite magazine, by far. I’m not completely stuck in the ’80s, really. It’s just that the ’80s had by far the best music. So of course here’s a magazine devoted to nothing but. It’s from the U.K. and expensive to get in print here (I’m a very very lucky man in that my husband has gifted me a subscription) but reasonable in digital. So many of the ’80s stars are still around, still making music and it’s exciting to take a look back but also forward to see what they’re working on. Just look at this great cover!