5 Things to Gush About: June 10-17

Alright, I should be outside enjoying the summer but there's too much TV, movies, and online fun keeping me inside. Here are some things to consider this week.
Dominique Jackson Pose

“Younger” Season Six: The Sutton Foster-led show premieres on TV Land on Wednesday, June 12th. We’ve been fans of Sutton from before this show, having seen her on- and off-Broadway several times; I can excuse the fact that her singing and dancing abilities are not being utilized since this show is a great vehicle for her warmth, great acting chops, and luminous ageless skin. Despite the fact that the secret upon which the entire show was built is now out, there appears to be plenty of drama ahead for the great ensemble on this show.

“Pose” Season 2: The first season of “Pose” was a complete surprise, not only for featuring mainly transgender actresses (along with Billy Porter) but for being so damn good. The new season debuts on June 11th on FX; their very underground scene will be turned on its head when, Madonna, the biggest star on the planet at that time, comes into their world in a huge way; her “Vogue” video was a sensation but looking at it from today’s perspective, it could be seen as either cultural appropriation or validation of an underground art form, bringing it to the forefront of culture. I vote the latter because Madonna hired dancers from the ballroom scene and had them choreograph the “Vogue” video, then opted to take them around the world on tour (many featured in her film “Truth or Dare”). I’m sure this debate will help inform this season.

Kilted Coaches: If you need just a wee break from all your worries, let yourself be whisked away to Scotland for fitness, diet, and general life coaching delivered by some serious eye candy (and not the Scottish deep-fried Mars bar variety). They’re cheeky (in both ways), entertaining, and just nice guys you want to hang with. They offer coaching for people outside Scotland via the various technologies of the day if you’re serious about getting fit.

“Say My Name”: A one night stand in a Welsh town between an American woman and a local man gets rudely interrupted by a robbery after which hijinks ensue. Not just any comedy-mystery-thriller, this has won loads of awards at festivals and was written by the woman behind “The Guilty Feminist” podcast, Deborah Frances-White. It starts Friday here at just one theater, maybe coming to your neck of the woods soon.

“The Graham Norton Show”: Time to give a shout-out to one show we watch Fridays on BBC America, perhaps the most popular talk show in the U.K., where all the biggest stars share a couch with sometimes less famous, just-as-worthy entertainers. He upended the talk show format by having all the guests sit together and allowing them to drink their favorite tipple, relieving the usual stress of doing these types of promotional appearances. Along with this gig, his radio show can be heard as a podcast via iTunes and Spotify, and he writes memoirs and novels to boot. Effortlessly funny, with enough cynical edge to keep him real. Here’s a highlight reel from last year.

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