Most Rewatchable Bingeable Movies: Girls Night!

Alright, I might not be the right gender, but I can appreciate a good girl flick.
Romy and Michele

“Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”: From Lisa Kudrow’s perfect timing and adorable shall we say simplicity to Mira Sorino’s hilarious line readings along with the great fashions and dance moves, snotty classmates, dreams thwarted then fulfilled, bitchin’ 80s soundtrack and just general sweet oddness, I could watch this on an endless loop. To me, this would be a natural for a Broadway adaptation and I know they’ve tried, but it’s all there so shouldn’t be so difficult. Here’s an interesting featurette probably included as an extra with the DVD:

“Girls Night”: A bit raunchier than “Romy and Michele”, so maybe play this after you’ve had a few shots. Tiffany Haddish’s scene where she does a demonstration of – okay, I can’t give any graphic details – made me scream with laughter. All the actresses have funny, unique characters, rare for any type of film, let alone a female ensemble.

“Pretty in Pink”: Here’s a classic (I guess it’s been over two decades, so I think it qualifies). We were all Molly Ringwald in high school, weren’t we?

Fun Fact: The original ending had Ringwald’s Andie end up with John Cryer’s Duckie but test audiences weren’t buying it, so they reshot it so that she ended up with Andrew McCarthy’s Blane; McCarthy had to wear a wig since he’d cut his hair for another movie. I have the book tie-in and it has the original ending since the reshoots probably happened after it was too late to stop the printers. The debate will continue about who she should have ended up with; perhaps she shouldn’t have ended up with anyone, proudly wearing the pink dress she tore apart and made worse, not caring one damn bit what anyone else thought.

Ringwald thinks that Duckie was gay so she’s happy her character ended up with Blane.

Fun Fact #2: Robert Downey, Jr. was the original choice for Duckie, while producer/writer John Hughes wanted Michael J. Fox. It was the director, Howard Deutch, who picked John Cryer.

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