Ton-O Marvel TV News at Comic-Con 2019

Here's a rundown of the Disney+ news at Comic-Con 2019.
Tom Hiddleston Comic-Con 2019

[Again, some spoilers!]

So, I covered many of Marvel’s plans with Disney+ and other cable/streaming outlets in a previous article. Here are some added details for these specific Disney+ series that came to light at the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel this year in San Diego.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Fall 2020”: With Captain America out of commission, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are teaming up. At the panel, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were introduced, with Mackie briefly letting Stan hold Captain America’s shield. Their banter was interrupted by a video of the villain Baron Zemo, played by Daniel Brühl who had appeared previously in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. He said “I’ll be seeing you very soon.”

“WandaVision” – Spring 2021: The lovebirds Wanda/Scarlet Witch and the synthetic Vision will be the focus of this series. It will be “weird”, according to all involved. It will also lead right into the Dr. Strange movie, where Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda will appear.

“Loki” – Spring 2021: With Tom Hiddleston returning as Loki. Nuff said.

“What If…?” – Summer 2021: This was a comic book where Marvel Comics asked such questions as “What If Jane Foster had Found the Hammer of Thor?”, a concept Marvel Studios is exploring in the next Thor movie. This will be an animated series with Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher, the series’ host. Wright said he was excited to be part of the Marvel Universe especially since it gave him a way to get his son to return his texts.

“Hawkeye” – Fall 2021: Jeremy Renner braved the rabid fans by going into the audience when he was introduced to shake hands. Barely getting away intact, he basically said he was excited to play the character and that he couldn’t spill beans about anything. The audience was also shown a bit of James Bond-style teaser animation.

There will likely be more announcements and more information given next month at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim.

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