Fascinating Japanese TV: Matsuko Deluxe

Japanese TV is fascinating, as the headline suggests, and I wish we could get more of it here in the States.
Matsuko Deluxe

Although gay rights in Japan are quite far behind the U.S., they do not shy away from featuring gay people on television. Matsuko Deluxe is a very popular figure there, hosting his own programs, promoting gay rights, and appearing in ads for many products. He’s got a quick wit and sharp tongue but does not offend, something which people seem to love about him. It is true that the Japanese are very traditional but love the outlandish, especially on TV, so entertainers like Matsuko are accepted even if their orientation isn’t. But being so prominent does have an effect on Japanese culture and things are slowly changing. In 2015, Shibuya was the first to give some recognition and rights to same-sex couples and many cities have followed suit since then.

I knew nothing about Matsuko until stumbling upon his program while watching Japanese TV with my mother in Hawaii. He has one program where he samples different foods from around Japan. In the episodes I saw, he sampled bento boxes from train stations and also specialty gummi bears. Food is of course an obsession in Japan and of very high quality pretty much anywhere you get it. I don’t think you can see Matsuko’s programs here, but I think there would be a big market for Japanese programming here if it had subtitles. He’s also written several books, ones I wish were available in translation here.

Here’s an excellent bio of Matsuko by George of Japan.

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