5 Things to Gush About: August 12-18

Catch Fleabag if you haven't already!
Andrew Scott Fleabag

Andrew Scott “Fleabag”: I’d loved sweet and loveable Andrew Scott in “Pride”, having had no idea he could play a complete psycho as he did on “Sherlock”. Now comes probably his most high-profile role as the “hot” priest in “Fleabag”, although amongst the 11 Emmy nominations the show received this year, he was left out for some odd reason. He was pivotal to the season, so central to why we rooted for Fleabag to succeed. And he’s become something of a sex symbol. I’m hoping this will open big doors for him, although I don’t want to insult the tremendous career he’s already had in the U.K.

“Blinded by the Light”: From the director of “Bend It Like Beckham” and the third movie in a row to feature music from an artist(s) from the ’70s, i.e. Bruce Springsteen. I love me some Bruce, so I could get into this movie.

“The Favourite”: I missed this in the theaters (I know!) but just caught this on HBO. Wow! What a perfect script, perfectly directed, exquisitely acted, with incredible costumes and lighting. What more could you ask? Olivia Colman as Queen Anne deservedly won just about every best actress award on the planet.

Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Los Angeles: I’d heard about Alamo Drafthouse but it wasn’t until they opened one in Yonkers, of all places, that I got the experience. I loved the no phones/no talking policy immediately, but also appreciated the pre-movie programming, filled with clips related to the movie we were there to see; we would arrive early just to see these clips. As we often only see the big superhero movies, there’s plenty of cheesy clips from yesteryear of lame attempts at portraying our favorite superheroes, and of spoofs and all manner of miscellanea. And there are a zillion draft beers which is nice although I can’t say we were thrilled with the food, but it was very convenient and the aisle/table configuration makes it quite easy for the servers to come through somewhat unobtrusively. They usually have all the big films along with some smaller ones, plus have repertory programming and special events (we saw the Monty Python live show at Alamo). There are now 40 across the nation and I’m hoping they’ll build more, closer to where you and I live!

“Ready Or Not”: This one came out of nowhere, but now is on my list of wanna-sees. It’s sort of after the romcom and the wedding where the family is out to murder you (sound familiar?). The bride finds out there’s an unfortunate ritual when someone joins the family where they lock them in a house and play a game; this time it’s hide and seek and the bride must stay out of sight until dawn while the entire family tries to route her out while wielding all manner of weapons. However, these are not professional killers and so the weapons go off at the wrong times and everyone but the bride starts getting killed. I’m usually not a fan of bloody films yet this one looks cartoony enough to not make me want to heave. Stars Samara Weaving (niece of Hugo Weaving), Adam Brody, Andie MacDowell, and Henry Czerny.

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