Congratulations Briana and Tim!

Just a few pictures we took from Briana and Tim's wedding. A great time had by all.
Briana and Tim Wedding after I Do

I want to congratulate my brilliantly talented, kind, beautiful niece Briana and her super new husband Tim on their wedding this past weekend. It was a truly special occasion because they were enveloped by friends and family who like me were genuinely happy to see them tie the knot. The setting was perfect in the hills of Gaviota above Santa Barbara, the turn-off sign from the 101 inviting people to a blueberry stand, leading to a little oasis called Restoration Oaks Ranch. The wedding took place under a massive tree, cows munching and gazing from the hillside and a hawk circling above.

Their talented friends provided music as they were walked down the aisle by their parents: Tim with his mother Olga and Briana with her dad Lance and mom Colleen.

Olga walks Tim down the aisle
Tim and Olga.
Lance, Briana, and Colleen.

The ceremony was lovely and heartfelt, flanked by their band of friends on either side and watched by family and more friends.

Afterward, you can see how much they’re beaming as they face the audience as wife and husband. (Shout out to Devon in the background).

We don’t have too many pictures of the reception because we were enjoying the food and drink and merriment too much but here’s my brother Lance, looking happy and relieved, I think.

And the daughter-father dance was a hoot:

Their friends gave them a great send-off, sparklers in hand.

I was honored that Peter and I were asked to be part of these festivities and wish Briana and Tim all the happiness in the world.

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