New Episode of “Bake-Off” Hitting Netflix on Friday!

Yes, that is a drag queen and an old lady in a tea-cup!
Great British Bake-Off 2019 Drag Queen in a Tea Cup

Shocked (I’m telling you, shocked!) to learn that U.S. fans of the “The Great British Bake-Off” like me will not have to wait for for the years it took for some of the series to get to PBS. Now that Netflix has acquired the franchise here, we’ll get the episodes only three days after they air in the U.K. The first episode aired last Tuesday on Channel 4 and will swim over the pond and appear this Friday on Netflix! I’m puffing up with happiness like a pop-over rising before someone slams the oven door.

Whatever you think of Netflix, I’m thankful for this and for the fact they’ve gotten the rights to Eurovision which means we may be able to see next year’s festivities without having to do all kinds of technological backflips.

Here’s a new trailer for “Bake-Off” from Channel 4.

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