Say It Ain’t So: “Will & Grace” To End Once Again?

Will and Grace cast and crew crying

It can’t be true! The revival of “Will & Grace” is ending with its upcoming third season. But…we were just wallowing in the joy of one of our favorite sitcoms coming back and now, desolation. It has to be a nasty rumor spread by haters out there. However, Sean Hayes confirmed it:

“For all ‘Will & Grace’ fans, I am sharing the news that this is going to be our last and final season (which premieres this winter).”

It’s been a joy to see all the characters back, to have the misguided final episode of the original series completely disregarded, and to see them all move on with their lives. Especially the cliffhanger of the last season. So why stop now? Well, there are rumors of tensions within the cast, but I won’t dignify those. Maybe they had an itch and scratched it and that’s that. Heres Eric McCormacks take on it:

“Well, we’re taking this one out like we brought it in: with love, laughs, gratitude… and on our own terms. Season 3 of #WillandGrace (well, season 11!) will be our grand finale… and it’s gonna be FANTASTIC.”

Well, I’ll just stick with denial (it’s worked wonders for me before) and wait for the second revival and a third round of shows. Yes! Before anyone dies.

We will always have Karen. Here is a compilation of Ms. Walker moments:

Gush About Sept. 30-October 6: Batwoman, Abbey Road, The Joker!

Detective Comics 233 with Batwoman

“Batwoman”: Debuting on the CW on October 6th, it joins the huge line-up of other DC Comics shows (“The Flash”, “Black Lightning”, “Supergirl”, etc). Although I’m a comic book geek, I have little interest in these shows. However, I will tune into “Batwoman”. This stars Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, looking for her cousin Bruce Wayne who along with Batman disappeared three years earlier. She discovers the Batcave in the clip below and I assume dons the “Bat” identity from there.

“Abbey Road” Anniversary Edition: The third of the deluxe editions of The Beatles albums has just been released, with “Let It Be” most likely arriving next year with a new version of the accompanying film, as well. Anyhow, this one has less extras and bells and whistles as the previous deluxe editions, but looks to have excellent content while being a bit more affordable. Here, from my favorite website SuperDeluxeEdition, is an unboxing video of the..super deluxe edition. Obviously, wonderful Christmas gift idea!

“The Joker”: Another Batman-related project, this time a Batman-less movie about his greatest villain, the Joker. This is apparently a masterpiece. I’m skeptical, of course. I saw Jennifer Lawrence’s “Mother!” on opening night when it was hailed a masterpiece – and what a piece of crap. The only draw for me is Robert De Niro playing a talk show host who seems to be Rupert Pupkin from “King of Comedy” yet it’s a different character. Overall, undecided on this.