Things to Gush About: Sept. 2-8

Last weekend to wear white jeans and white shoes!
Edie and Waterfall

“Edie”: No, this isn’t about Edie Sedgewick. Although the star Sheila Hancock is about the right age, if Edie had lived. This is about a widow now consigned to a rest home who decides to “go out” and hike the Scottish Highlands, as she and her father had long-ago planned. “I’ve wasted so much time doing nothing,” she says. Hiring a cute young guide played by Kevin Guthrie, she decides to climb a mountain, facing the challenge, although it seems impossible. Makes me think about all the people who work and work away, thinking they’ll have their adventures when they retire, then find ill health keeps them earthbound. This says, go out and grab life!

“Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father” Season Three: We love Jack Whitehall, who is not well known in the U.S. but increasingly his presence here by the hour. Peter and I saw him do stand-up in a tiny theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and he was just outstanding. The latest travel series here where Jack once again annoys the hell out of his father, will start on September 6th on Netflix. The first two series were a hoot. No trailer yet but here’s the one from Season Three where they traveled through Southeast Asia.

“The Spy” with Sacha Baron Cohen: Cohen plays an Israeli Clerk named Eli Cohen who becomes a spy and goes undercover in Syria, working for the Mossad. This is a rare serious acting role for Cohen and not just another goof. Netflix has not provided a trailer but here’s one from IGN News announcing it playing back in April, presumably overseas.

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