“A Very Brady Renovation” on HGTV!

A Very Brady Renovation Stairs

I am all over this. I’m camping out by the TV on Monday, September 9th when this series premieres.

The original Brady Bunch house was only used for exterior shots, with the interior completely different from what we saw on TV; those sets were on the Paramount Pictures lot. Now, HGTV had the idea to buy the house which is located at 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City, California, and renovate the interior to match what we saw on TV. However, HGTV ran into a bit of a bidding war for the house, triumphing over Lance Bass who was very bitter about losing the sale. But since that time, HGTV has been working on the house, with the resulting TV series to show the process and results.

The remaining original cast members – all the kids – participate along with HGTV personalities.

Note that on the HGTV website there is a contest with the prize being a night in the renovated Brady home. And here’s a feature on the start of the renovation featuring the cast and HGTV personnel.

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