Queer As Folk Returns, Too!

They've brought back "Tales of the City", "Veronica Mars" and "Will & Grace", with "Gavin and Stacey" on the way, so why not QAF?
Queer As Folk UK

Okay, word is sketchy thus far, but reports are there’s a British reboot of their “Queer As Folk” coming, helmed by Canadian Stephen Dunn who wrote and directed a film called “Closet Monster” back in 2016. Original creator Russell T. Davies will serve as executive producer.

It will air on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service. Yes, another streaming service! These services are tricky in that they’ll have at least one show you must see, leaving you no choice but to surrender and subscribe. This will be no different.

I am assuming this will be set in the present day, giving lots for the new cast and crew to explore given that cruising has moved online, leaving pubs and clubs to close up, plus gay marriage and much more.

The question is, will any of the original cast return or maybe maybe some of the American cast members? Apparently, Charlie Hunnam is ready and willing to come back, but this time as a bear? At least, not the chicken he played originally.

Here’s the trailer from when “Queer As Folk” originally returned..from Season One to Season Two in the UK. They managed to produce only 10 episodes in total for the two seasons. The British for some reason believe you’re beating a dead horse if you go much beyond the standard six episodes for a series. Luckily, the Showtime version ran for full seasons American-style and produced 83 episodes altogether. How long with this new series last? I do hope it will go on and on.

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