Big Bang’s Mayim Bialik Runs Cat Cafe in “Carla” Based on UK Hit “Miranda”!

I was shocked, I tell you, shocked when I found out Mayim's new series was based on "Miranda". Read on.
Mayim Bialik

When reports hit announcing Mayim Bialik’s new series “Carla” to be produced by her co-star from “The Big Bang Theory”, Jim Parsons, I was thrilled, given not only the fact that I love Mayim in anything but because I loved the premise involving her character opening a cat cafe using the money her parents set aside for her wedding. I speculated in an earlier article about the future of the Big Bang actors and hoping for a spin-off with Mayim’s Amy. But this sounds even better.

However, a new wrinkle came into play when I read further articles that revealed that this new series is in fact an adaptation of the U.K. hit “Miranda”, of which I just wrote an article about last week (they will be airing a 10-year reunion later this year).

“Miranda” is an absolute classic, about a wild and wacky woman of unconventional looks (and height) who boldly lives life on her own terms, refusing to grow up, running a novelty/joke shop with her best friend Stevie, fending off her mother’s attempts to marry her off, while flirting with her hot friend, Gary, a chef at a nearby restaurant. It ran for three short seasons along with Christmas specials, making us wanting more and more, although knowing the show was probably so good because they took their time cramming everything they had into those short seasons.

Perhaps Miranda Hart could guest star in an episode of “Carla”? Yes, please?

Anyhow, for comparison’s sake, watch this clip when Gary proposes to Miranda:

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