Reviving “Thirtysomething”: Will it Be “Fiftysomething” or “Sixtysomething”?

Loved this show, which aired 30 years ago. If everyone is still around, why not?
Thirtysomething DVD box

The series “Thirtysomething” was the butt of jokes initially when it began airing in 1987 for being about whiny yuppies, and that was kind of true but it was also good television, a kind of classy soap opera for the middle class that lasted four seasons. I loved it and it inspired some other shows to try their approach such as “The Bradys”, a disastrous attempt to make The Brady Bunch relevant, and a version of Archie called “Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again”. But it was pretty much a one and only. Once the series ended, all the actors pretty much disappeared and the show was all forgotten quite quickly (although Polly Draper made a fantastic guest appearance on “Monk”). Well, now it’s coming back.

There are so many outlets now all looking for product, with major studios and production companies combing their catalogs for anything they can feasibly revive. If they could bring performers back from the dead or at least animate them realistically, they would, I think. New episodes of “I Love Lucy” where she almost looks lifelike! But the technology does not work yet as proved by Carrie Fisher’s constructed bug-eyed appearance in “Rogue One”.

Amazingly, “Thirtysomething”‘s original creators (Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz) and the cast (although no one has been confirmed but hopefully will include Ken Olin, Mel Harris, Melanie Mayron, Timothy Busfield, Patricia Wettig, Peter Horton and Polly Draper) will return, with the focus being on their children. Otherwise, it would be called “Fifty-” or “Sixtysomething”.

I think a lot of shows could get revived this way instead of getting a reboot, with a bonus that if one of the cast members has died, that would give the other characters a reason to come together again. Okay, I know that’s sick. (I’m worried about the new “Gavin & Stacey” killing off a character for these purposes, although it may just be Doris).

Here is a reunion panel from ATX of the cast and crew from last year, which may have sparked the whole idea. I can hear the conversions, “Should we?” “Could we?” Yes, they can. Well, no ETA for this yet, so stay tuned.

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