Ben Platt to do “Dear Evan Hansen” Movie? Yes, Please.

Yes, another Ben Platt article. You're welcome.
Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen

Can you tell we’re kinda obsessed with Ben Platt here? It’s all from afar, no restraining order required yet.

In a web extra from his interview with Willie Geist of “Today”, he’s asked about the film version of “Dear Evan Hansen” which his producer father Marc Platt owns the rights to and Ben says he wants to reprise his role but he has no clue when or if the movie will happen. Is he too old? Well, he’s just played a teen in “The Politician”, so the answer is no. Although they can’t wait forever.

Check out the full sit-down from “Sunday Today” below, probably the best profile of Ben I’ve seen yet. Some funny details about putting on backyard musicals as a kid, asking his parents for things like fog machines and clip-on microphones, and finding out Beyonce accepted his invitation to see him perform in “Dear Evan Hansen”, prompting him to prepare for Queen B’s arrival by booking an extra voice lessons, getting a haircut and picking the right outfit for meeting her backstage.

And stay tuned for our next Ben Platt update, coming up probably really soon!

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