Gush About October 7-13: Nancy Drew, Debbie Harry, Wham!’s Andrew Ridgely!

The big Fall books are arriving and the Andrew Ridgely book is highly anticipated, with everyone hoping for some good insights into George Michael and their days in Wham!
Andrew RIdgely and George Michael publicity shot

Andrew Ridgely “Wham! George Michael and Me”: I’ve read endless accounts of George Michael’s life, but they’ve mostly been from afar, not written by people who knew George intimately. What Andrew provided, from what I know, is someone to share the pressures of fame, something that George did poorly when he went solo, causing him to eventually retreat into his shell. From all accounts, Andrew was a good friend to George and so I’m all for his writing this book, which I don’t think will be exploitative. And hopefully, we’ll get some real insight into the very private life of George Michael. Here’s a camp classic video from their first album, carefree days never to be recaptured:

Debbie Harry Face It: Her autobiography. Although Blondie’s prime years were brief (1978-1981), what an impact they made, lead by the tough yet gorgeous Debbie Harry. Since their last massive hit “Rapture”, Debbie has kept busy making solo albums, reuniting with Blondie, and appearing in countless films such as “Hairspray”. Unknown the public was the serious illness that befell her boyfriend and musical collaborator Chris Stein which sidelined their careers for many years. She’s a survivor, though, and I’m looking forward to hearing her version.

“Nancy Drew”: The first bookish “smart” girl of the modern age, reborn for today’s audiences. Previous attempts to portray her on TV and screen seemed a bit too tame and wholesome. But perhaps the reinvention of the Archie franchise with “Riverdale” has shown the way updating venerable characters. This looks a bit like a cross between “Riverdale” and “Veronica Mars”. I’m hoping it’s good. Debuting October 9th on the CW. Can a dark revival of “The Hardy Boys” be far behind?

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