“Parasite” from Bong Joon Ho, the Director of “Snowpiercer”!

When it seems that movies are increasingly superfluous, these come along that makes it worth the hassle of going to a movie theater when you could just sit at home in your underwear.
Parasite French Poster

From the hottest director out there now, Bong Joon Ho, whose “Snowpiercer” was absolutely mesmerizing, comes a non-sci-fi, non-fantastical film about class. Well, I’m assuming there are no fantasy elements. One of the reviews it quotes says you expect it to go one way but it goes in a completely different direction. So it may be about class warfare or a scam, in the form of a drama or thriller or who knows what. I’d rather not know and just go see it.

It does bring to mind a film from 1970 called “Something for Everyone” starring Angela Lansbury where Michael York insinuates himself into a rich family, becoming indispensable to them in so many ways. I saw it as a teenager and found it quite titillating and amusing, but as an adult felt it a bit dull. I don’t think that will be the case with “Parasite”.

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