Renovate the “Golden Girls” House like They Did the Brady’s? Yes, Please.

Realizing that I prefer imaginary locations more than real ones, I know I need therapy.
The Golden Girls

I have been enjoying the hell out of “A Very Brady Renovation”, not only happy to see the six kids all grown up and seemingly healthy and happy (or demonstrating better acting chops than we knew), but marveling at the incredible job they did making the Brady house a reality. Having seen live-in-front-of-an-audience TV shows filmed before (“Roseanne”, “Will and Grace”, “Everybody Loves Raymond” among others), you see how the sets are often laid out next to each other, facing the audience and not in relation to how they’d be in real life. Single-camera shows like “The Brady Bunch” would have probably had the sets spaced over a sound stage or two, laid out for the ease of filming instead of for function as a real place.

So with that in mind, what they’ve done for the Brady renovation is all the more remarkable. The real house (well, the one in the exterior shots) was much too small and laid out incorrectly (well, incorrect to fit our imaginations) so they had to pretty much double it. They couldn’t build higher than the roofline, so had to make all kinds of adjustment such as lowering the ground-level floor of the split-level home. Greg’s attic couldn’t be recreated where it should have been, so they converted a ground-level room but made it look like an attic. They had to make the house function, necessitating adding things like a toilet to the kids’ jack-and-jill bathroom. And on an on.

Plus all the groovy ’60s furniture, props, carpeting, and everything else, necessitating them to scour the country, asking fans to help, and building things when they had no other choice. Just a remarkable job.

But can we see the house now? Are there tours?

And what’s next? They can’t do Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow since it sorta kinda exists already on the Warner Brothers lot but is constantly re-dressed for use in other movies, TV shows and commercials. And they’ve just opened a Star Wars land in Disneyland, but it doesn’t replicate much of anything from the movies except the Falcon, so hard to get too excited. I mean, they couldn’t recreate the cantina we all know and love from Mos Eisley?

So what about The Golden Girls’ house? The Property Brothers, who were involved in the Brady renovation, recently appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (love her, but haven’t seen the show yet) and said they want to tackle the “Thank You For Being a Friend” home next! Clutch pearls. Breathe, breathe.

Here’s a pic of the kitchen set as was seen by the in-studio audience:

At the moment, it doesn’t appear that the house, which is located here in LA (in Brentwood, California), is for sale. Well, if someone had deep enough pockets, who knows? HGTV paid $3.5 million for the Brady house.

We can dream.

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