Dish that Sparkly Dirt: Elton John’s Autobiography Me Released Today!

We'll get the words straight from Elton this time. Knowing how honest and funny he is, I'm sure it'll be a rollicking good time.
Elton John with boa

Elton John has never been one to pull punches. He’s completely honest about himself and he’s also a terrific prose writer from the few examples I’ve seen. He tasked the filmmakers of “Rocketman” not to gloss things over, to give us the full picture, showing his low lows which made his recovery and comeback all the more remarkable. I’m sure his autography “Me” will delve even further.

Below is a remarkable clip showing how freakishly talented Elton was, just almost casually tossing off incredible music to Bernie Taupin’s lyrics. As the music seems to come so easily for him, I doubt he will write much about the creative process and more about his life dealing with the consequences of his talent. Looking forward to this!

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