Rachel Maddow Is a Superhero, and Also in “Batwoman”?

Love her, admire her, want to be her for Halloween.
Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow dons the glasses to fool everyone, but those of us in the know can see right through that. She’s a superhero.

She covers the news to a level no one else can touch, using research and more research as the basis of her reporting, with the unique angle of generally ignoring what people say (or tweet) and instead looking at what people do. So with the news dominated by an orange monster, she doesn’t cover what he spews everyday, which often contradicts what he said the minute before, but instead looks at his actions.

Now, Rachel’s in the “Batwoman” TV show playing a fictional character, Vesper Fairchild. It’s just her voice for now, but it would be interesting to see her acting besides Ruby Rose, whose damn eyes you just want to swim into whether you’re hetero or not.

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