Harry Styles Is Back With “Lights Up”

Harry Styles Lights Up

Harry Styles is back with a new song, “Lights Up”. The video released a few weeks back was dancey, going down like a delicious cocktail, previewing his new album “Fine Line” that’s coming December 7th. But it was his appearance on SNL, where in the skits he proved to be an able comedian, that the song “Lights Up” really stood out in a more meditative, soulful rendition. This guy is a major all-around talent, unleashed from the shackles of boybandism, although being in One Direction was probably the perfect place to learn to be a pop star and artist, in the bubble with his bandmates. Reminds me of when Robbie Williams left Take That and zoomed past his former bandmates (who eventually caught back up).

Mel C of Spice Girls, Jammin’ New Track With Sink the Pink “High Heels”

Mel C Sink the Pink

Amidst a Spice Girls tour this year, Mel C (or Sporty Spice) appeared at a plethora of Pride Festivals with Sink the Pink, an LGBTQ collective. Now they’ve recorded a song called “High Heels”. Take a listen. I always thought Mel C had the best and most distinctive voice out of all the Spices, and have loved her solo albums, so happy to see she’s still making music.

Gush About Nov. 18-24: Coldplay, Mad About You, 21 Bridges

Coldplay Everyday Life on SNL

Coldplay “Everyday Life”: This band gets a lot of grief but someone’s buying their records, so whatevs. I love them, always have. They don’t seem to care, just chugging along, in for the long haul, producing crowd-pleasing music. They’re back now with a double album, due Friday.

“Mad About You”: 20 years after the original series ended, they’re back. However, I’m not sure exactly how to see this. It’s available on Spectrum Originals? And presumably playing on a refrigerator somewhere? I don’t know anymore. If you’re able to see it, it begins on November 20th. Also, they kind of boxed themselves in with the original finale, projecting 22 years into the future, so I’m hoping they’ll just ignore all that like Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower.

“21 Bridges”: Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman is back as an NYPD detective trying to stop a pair of cop killers from escaping Manhattan, prompting the closing of 21 bridges. Looks good.