Gush About Nov. 4-10: Pet Shop Boys, Simply Red, Last Christmas, Love Is Blind, His Dark Materials, The Little Mermaid Live!, Doctor Sleep, Midway

Jam-packed pumpkin-spiced week!
Olly Alexander and Pet Shop Boys Hyde Park 2019

Pet Shop Boys “Dreamland”: The physical versions of the new Pet Shop Boys single are out on Friday. We uber-fans are thankful the Boys still believe in releasing physical product, giving us something to hold in our hands. And I finally set up my record player, so I can play vinyl! Here’s a live version with Neil Tennant and Olly Alexander in Hyde Park in London.

Simply Red “Blue Eyed Soul”: Mick Hucknall is back, after seemingly having retired. This is a fun track, very energetic.

“Last Christmas”: Although the trailer has seemingly given the entire plot away and they’re beating us to death with commercials, I’m still interested in seeing this, curious about how they’ve turned George Michael’s song into a movie, seeing London in full Christmastime glory (it was filmed last Christmas, ‘natch), and hearing the new unheard song by GM. Still, we always have the original video:

“Love Is Blind”: About a girl who has selective perception seeing only what she wants to see, which is truly a problem when you can’t see Poldark’s Aidan Turner right in front of you! Also stars Shannon Tarbet, Matthew Broderick and Chloe Sevigny.

Lotsa New Movies and TV: Tis the season, so they’re hauling out product they hope will hit this holiday. This week, we’ve got “Doctor Sleep”, the sequel to “The Shining”, although I saw one review that just said “Zzzzzzz”. “Midway” has a huge cast (Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid, Patrick Wilson, Darren Criss, Nick Jonas, and Luke Evans) and lots of action I’m sure courtesy of director Roland Emmerich; I do like a good ensemble war flick. “The Little Mermaid Live!” on ABC this Tuesday looks terrible, frankly, but I’ll probably tune in. And finally, “His Dark Materials” on HBO; I didn’t read the books nor see the movie, so going in blind but it’s supposed to be good.

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