“The Humans”, a Broadway Show Turned Movie, in a Reverse!

The Humans Movie Cast

“The Humans” played while I was living in New York but never got around to seeing. It won Best Play at the Tony Awards and also Best Featured Actress for Jayne Houdyshell who reprises her role in the film.

But now I’ll be able to see it somewhere, with details sketchy on exactly what type of release it will have and when it will be released, although filming has just wrapped. With Broadway turning a bit dull with show after show based on movies, it’s nice to see the reverse.

The film also stars Amy Schumer, Richard Jenkins, Beanie Feldstein, Steven Yuen (of “Walking Dead” fame), and June Squibb. The play’s writer Stephen Karam directs.

What’s it about? It’s a family. At Thanksgiving. You fill in the rest.

Here’s a clip collection from a production in Chicago starring Richard Thomas of “The Waltons” who looks as young as ever.

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