“Pride” Perfect for Broadway and West End

This is beggin' to be made into a stage musical. Well, this and "Yentl". Yes?
Pride 2014

A great queer movie is a rare thing. Well, anything that’s not a superhero film, a Disney cartoon, or “Fast and Furious” film is rare these days, which is why all the talent is moving to TV, much to everyone’s benefit. But 2014’s “Pride” is one rare queer film that somehow got made, told a great story with verve and heart, and even seemed to be a bit of a success.

It was a period film – as if the 1980s didn’t seem like yesterday to people like me – that told a story quite unknown here in America about the unique fellowship between striking miners in Wales and LGBT activists from London. Although they seemed diametrically opposed culturally, both were facing extinction and so formed an uneasy alliance. The most amazing thing is that it’s a true story.

Along with a crackin’ story and well-written characters, name actors (Andrew Scott, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West), a tabletop dance number in the middle and a great soundtrack. So to me, it’s a natural to become the basis for a stage musical (just like “Local Hero”). And such plans were announced during the promotion for the film. But what’s happened to it?

Is it too gay for tour-bus dominated Broadway these days? Although to be fair, in the dark days of Broadway before “Rent” and Disney, anything was considered a risk. However, I think audiences gay or straight could relate to this and love it. Look at “Kinky Boots”. Although straight audiences always love a man in a dress.

Anyhoo, this is the start of my campaign. Let’s get this onstage!

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