Kristen Bell’s “Encore!” Reunites High School Theatre Geeks!

Alright theatre geeks! This one's for you.
Encore Kristen Bell

Two years ago, ABC aired a special with an interesting premise – at least to theater geeks like me. They reunited people who had been part of a high school theater club and got them back to perform a show they’d done back as students. In this case, it was a group from West Covina, California who were brought back together after 20 years to mount “Into the Woods” once again, but this time in just a week. Kristen Bell was the host and one of the producers, showing that at heart she is a theater geek (and of course, we know that she’s the voice of Princess Anna in “Frozen”).

I found it fascinating on so many levels, watching old friends reunite, finding out what happened to each other in the intervening years, seeing them relive their theatre dreams, and discover whether they could still perform.

That was just a one-off, or so we thought.

Disney+ is bringing the concept back as a series, again with Kristen Bell as host and producer. Information is a bit sketchy right now on how many episodes and what shows they’re doing (looks like “Grease”, “Annie”, “Oklahoma”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Fiddler on the Roof” at least), but the shows will be released weekly, which actually is what I prefer since I rarely ever binge.

Anyhow, forget all the Star Wars films, Marvel shows (which won’t appear for awhile) and Disney content, this is one reason I’d subscribe to Disney+.

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