You Can Salesforce! The Tale Of A Sale

Here I tell the tale of a basic Salesforce Sales Path. You're right, it is riveting!
Salesforce Characters Campfire

Okay, let’s get into the basics.  You want to sell something? You want donors or volunteers?  How can Salesforce help?

I could explain all the wheretos and heretofors, but what if I told you a story instead?

I’ll call this “The Tale of a Sale”.

In the course of this story, hopefully you’ll see how this relates to the Salesforce Sales Process using Objects such as Campaigns, Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases.

So, kids, gather round. 

MAGNETIZE: Campaign Brings In Leads

You are CEO of Mutant Land Comics (dream do come true) and your fertile imagination has devised a promotion (or Campaign in Salesforce) to bring customers a-flocking.  You take out ads and lo and behold, a customer comes into your store (a Lead in Salesforce).  Instantly your mind thinks this person could be “the one” and get matching Greedo tattoos with you to show off at the next Comic-Con, but you don’t want to be creepy, so you play it cool and see if they’ll buy something.

SHEBANG: Contact, Account, Opportunity

After they browse a bit, you approach them – some customers flinch and flee but you decide to try.  Turns out, they’re looking for Cinnamon Bun Headphones (in Salesforce, they’ve become a Contact, Account, and Opportunity).  The headphones are in stock but not part of the promotion (i.e. Campaign) so no discount.  They utter the dreaded “I’ll think about it”.


So how do you close the sale?  What other steps you can take?  After a deep talk with your CEO (yourself), a discount is proffered.  The customer smiles and buys it (in Salesforce, it’s a Closed/Won Opportunity).


What if the headphones are defective and the customer returns them?  In Salesforce, this becomes a Case.  You can order new ones and keep the customer up-to-date on when the replacement will arrive.  Keep them happy and they may realize you’re not creepy and ask you on a date.


Salesforce can then help cultivate this person into a regular customer, regardless of their feelings for you. You can set up reminders to contact the customer at regular intervals, let them know when there’s a discount on Cinnamon Bun ear muffs, etc.

This is true for nonprofits, as well.  You can compile a list of donors who haven’t given in a while and send them a newsletter, or corral regular donors and offer an incentive (their name in a program, maybe) to donate more next time.  Or solicit volunteers for an event and have them signup for shifts online.  For education, you can track academic achievement.  There are so many ways to use Salesforce.


Wasn’t that a nice story?  It went on a bit long, so we’ll tackle some hands-on data entry next time.  May The Salesforce Be With You!

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