Gush About Dec. 2-8: Charlie Brown Christmas, Jagged Little Pill, The Aeronauts

Now that we've pigged out, charged our cards to the max, and are hopefully safe and sound back home, let's look to what's on this week since we'll all need to recharge your batteries before the onslaught of Christmas.
Alanis Jagged Little Pill

“Jagged Little Pill” on Broadway: At one time, there were theatre concept albums like “Jesus Christ Superstar” that were created as quasi-cast albums mean to be staged as full-blown musicals one day. Now we’re seeing rock albums that weren’t meant for the stage be turned into Broadway shows such as “American Idiot” and now Alanis Morisette’s “Jagged Little Pill”. Hopefully a coherent story can be crafted out of this, but they’ve got Diablo Cody of “Juno” on the case, so there’s a good chance. However, musically, it looks like they’ve nailed it; listen to the track below that’s quite good. Opens December 5th.

“Charlie Brown Christmas”: The classic of all classics, airs this year on December 5th on ABC. I see that a stage version of this has played here and there, but I think they could put together a full-length Broadway show based on this by joining it with their classic Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes. It could run in theaters all over the country each fall. But hey, I’m just the idea guy. Someone get on it!

“The Aeronauts”: This will have a limited theatrical release starting December 6th, then appear on Amazon on December 20th. Stars Eddie Redmayne, reunited with his ‘The Theory of Everything” co-star Felicity Jones in a high-flying tale based on true events, set in 1862. Also stars Anne Reid and Himesh Patel.

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