You Can Salesforce: Let’s Create Some Records!

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Magic Guild Account

Alright let’s wave goodbye to all that Salesforce theory and say hello to hands-on record creation.

There’s got to be a scenario, right, so here it is: Your company makes magic wands and you’re trying to conjure up customers. Apparently you can’t just wave one and make buyers appear. So you do some advertising, social media, plus tell a few giant birds and somehow you get a bite. Great! Now you can log them into Salesforce.


First, open up Salesforce and make sure you’re in the Sales App. If not, click the matrix on the top left [1] and then choose the Sales App [2]. An App is just a collection of like-minded Objects which house all the data about your customers’ companies and their employees whom you deal with, and just about everything you need to track and increase your sales.

Once you’re in Sales, you can create an Account record for your new customer, an organization called Magic Guild. After that, you’ll create a contact record for a person who works for Magic Guild.

Note: We’re using the Lightning Experience as opposed to Classic here, so your screen may look slightly different and you may get different options depending on whether you’re a company, a nonprofit, an educational institution, etc. We’ll cover those variations in the future.


It’s easier than you think! Click “Accounts” to open that Object.

Article 4 Image 1 Point to Acounts

Next, look to the far right of the screen and click “New”:

Article 4 Image 2 Point to Acounts - New

A form will pop-up to add a New Account. Here, you’re only required to enter an Account Name, meaning you can leave everything else blank for now and add more details later. So type in Magic Guild and hit “Save”.

Article 4 Image 3 Name New Account


Congrats, you’ve created your first record. With Magic Guild in the system, you can add more information by clicking Details [1], but let’s go ahead and add a Contact. This will be a point person at the Guild with whom you’ll work your tricks on to sell your wands. To do this, you can stay on the Magic Guild record and click “New” [2] under the Contacts section below, or you can click the Contacts Object [3] tab on top. Let’s do that.

Article 4 Image 4 New Account Point to Details and New Contact

The layout for Contacts is similar to Accounts, so look to the far left and click “New”. A pop-up form to enter a New Contact will appear. All that’s required is Last Name, but put in Salutation, First Name, and Account Name. Account Name is a search box, so as you type, it’ll bring up anything that matches. Type in “Magic” and you’ll see the Magic Guild account which you just created. Choose that and hit “Save”.

Article 4 Image 5 New Contact


With the clickety-clack of your fingers, you’ve magically created a Contact now associated with Magic Guild (see it listed under “Account Name”).

Article 4 Image 6 New Contact Saved


Click on Magic Guild under “Account Name” and it will take you to the Magic Guild record under Accounts. The magic of Salesforce is that with a click, you can bring up all the information contained in different records related to one another.

This is true not only for Accounts and Contacts, but for Campaigns (the outreach effort you undertook that got the Magic Guild hooked), Leads and Opportunities (where you log in the Guild’s specific interest in a product), and Cases (for those who’ve complained about defective wands turning people into frogs instead of handsome princes). When they’re related, you can bounce back and forth between them easily.

Okay, pat yourself on the back. You survived. Next, we’ll tackle Campaigns and Leads.

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