Book to Movie to Musical to Movie Musical: “Matilda” with Emma Stone and Ralph Fiennes

Matilda Musical

Road Dahl’s “Matilda” is making the journey that so many properties are nowadays, going from book to movie, then to Broadway musical, and finally (?) to movie musical. However, despite my usual eye-rolling, I love “Matilda” as a musical and so welcome the new iteration. I mean, really love it. Now, the rumor is that Emma Stone has been approached to play the teacher Miss Honey and Ralph Fiennes Miss Trunchbull for a movie version of the musical for Netflix and Sony, release strategy to be determined. Although in today’s politics, there may be issues with that type of cross-dressing casting.

This musical has been very successful, playing now for a very long time. To demonstrate this, check out the clip from…”Late Night with David Letterman”.

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