Some Needed Comic Relief: Watch “The Golden Girls” Endure a “Flu Attack”

Golden Girls Flu Attack

Alright, we’re in a weird situation right now, knowing there’s this virus that’s lurking, waiting to silently grab us and then turn out lives upside down. Or not.

Other than going to the grocery store and hoarding, there’s little we can do ourselves about this situation given that the government seemingly has no clue and only thinks about the political impact rather than saving lives. So we might as well keep our spirits up.

Sometimes there’s nothing funnier than laughing at miserable, sick people, as long as of course they’re not suffering from anything deadly.

Case in point, my favorite episode of “The Golden Girls” came in the first season. It was called “Flu Attack” and three of the “girls” get the flu, making each other more miserable through their grouchiness than due to their symptoms. They fight over everything, having absolutely no sympathy for one another.

Watch this episode if you’re sick and need a laugh.

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