Lies Catch Up To You: Mr. Burns Spits Out Three-Eyed Fish on “The Simpsons”

Not that this post has anything to do with the Con Man in the White House, no.
Mr Burns Spits Out Three Eyed Fish

I watched the first few seasons of Simpsons and loved show, but eventually lost the habit, not ever expecting that the show would still be on (currently in its 31st season). From what I remember of what I saw, there were some classic episodes.

The one that stands out the most for me is “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish”. It’s an episode for the ages; indeed, it is very apt for the situation we find ourselves in now.

Bart and Lisa catch a three-eyed fish that mutated in the waters fed by the local nuclear power plant owned by Mr. Burns, the epitome of every rich asshole and no exaggeration imo. Facing huge fines after an investigation ordered by the governor, Mary Bailey, Mr. Burns decides to run against her. Due to his malignant repulsiveness, his advisors suggest a PR stunt to improve his image so he ends up having dinner at an average middle-class family’s home aka The Simpsons.

Mr. Burns, who claims that the three-eyed fish is the product of evolution and not of radioactive waste, is put on the spot when Marge serves him that same fish for dinner. As the cameras roll, Mr. Burns takes one bite of the dish but can’t swallow his lies, spitting the piece of fish across the room. By the time it lands, his campaign is over.

Now, because Trump and his followers have claimed Covid-19 is a liberal hoax, I dare Trump to prove himself right by french-kissing someone who has the disease. Of course, Trump would most likely die but like any banana republic, they would spray tan a corpse from the river to take his place thinking we’d be none the wiser. Oh, that’s harsh. Just “kidding”.

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