Gush About focuses on what bring us joy, makes us laugh, and triggers the natural release of happy chemicals into our brains.

For us, that mostly means Entertainment, the Arts and Nerdy Pop Culture, but we’ll also include amazing events, fabulous places, cats, cool people (there are some), more cats, and current events for good measure.

Gushing About what you love is not completely frivolous but also good for mental health. The bad can overwhelm us and drown out everything else. As exercises for the mind, we need to remember and express gratitude (thank you, Oprah) to carve out a space in our consciousness for the good.

What do you Gush About? We want to know, although in a respectful, considerate way of course.


David Stanley’s earliest memories include watching Japanese cartoons and Kaiju movies as a toddler in Okinawa, Japan, leading to an obsession with pop culture as a teen: movies (“Grease”, “Empire Strikes Back”), music (Donna Summer, Gary Numan, Elton John), TV (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “The Carol Burnett Show”, “Star Trek”), and comic books (Legion of Super-Heroes, Archie, Daredevil). Today, he’s still obsessed so thought why not write about everything he truly loves? He lives in Los Angeles with two cats and a wonderful husband, Peter Di Maso.


Peter’s a wonderful husband. A proud Canadian born and raised, fell in love with American pop culture. So he moved here and met his gorgeous husband. He does web type stuff with computers.