Lost George Michael Hit “Waltz Away Dreaming”

Waltz Away Dreaming cover

Although most in America lost track of George Michael after “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I”, he remained a huge star everywhere else. His 1996 album “Older” spawned five Top-3 singles in the U.K. (including two number ones). And he was hugely prolific in terms of releasing one-off singles and participated in many collaborations.

For anyone clamoring for more unreleased George Michael music, there is a treasure trove of released tracks that weren’t heard here except by the faithful scouring the import bins at record stores. This song is one of those gems, released in 1997 and hitting No. 10 on the U.K. charts. George was guesting on the song, written by Irish singer Toby Bourke who was signed to George’s label Aegean.

Anyhow, check it out. It’s tender and lush, tinged with sadness perhaps because George’s mother had died just before they recorded it. It could be the basis for a whole movie itself like “Last Christmas”. Why not a series of George Michael-inspired movies? There’s a series now called “Heartstrings” based on Dolly Parton songs.

New George Michael Song Uheard Till Now, on “Last Christmas” Soundtrack

George Michael This Is How

Unlike with Prince, we haven’t heard anything from George Michael’s vault of unreleased music, and from what I understand, there is quite a lot, although it’s not certain how finished any of it is. Here’s one song that was finished and in the can, but never saw the light of day. First recorded in 2012 and finished shortly before he died, this is a wonderful track, although the lyrics are quite dark. It’s included on the soundtrack for “Last Christmas” and plays over the credits.

Hopefully we’ll see more music being released, yes?

Gush About Nov. 11-17: The Crown, The Good Liar, Tina on Broadway

The Crown Olivia Coleman Season 3

“The Crown” Season 3: Love, love, love Olivia Coleman, so looking forward to seeing her take over as Queen Elizabeth II. Looks like she’s diving straight into a huge amount of drama with her sister Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter), her son’s unwise marriage to Diana, and the country generally falling apart. On Netflix, November 17th.

“The Good Liar”: A twisty thriller with two of our greatest living actors? I’m there. This stars Helen Mirren as a wealthy widow and Ian McKellan as a con man out to bilk her. Directed by Bill Condon who wrote the film “Chicago” and directed the recent “Beauty and the Beast”. This is his third outing with Ian McKellan, the first being “Gods and Monsters” which really put McKellan on the map as a film actor. Also stars Gush About favorite Russell Tovey (swoon) and Downtown Abbey’s Jim Carter. In theaters Friday.

“Tina, the Musical”: This just opened on Broadway and here’s an amazing CBS New York clip of Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Tina Turner in the audience grooving to the performance, with Tina afterward addressing the audience and praising the performers – which if you read Elton John’s new book, is amazing because she’s very very critical.